Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oopsie Daisie

He slunk through the halls, looking for the women’s locker room. The building was nearly vacant but he knew how she loved to wait for everyone to leave before she took her shower, all the better for him. The two of them had been trying, unsuccessfully, to keep their relationship platonic. He couldn’t help himself when he was around her, she was so in love with life, it was contagious. His wife was a nagging shrew, but not Amber, she was perfect. She was different. It was almost as if her attention was a special gift that only few were lucky enough to receive. After all, he only knew of two other men that had received her attentions. Well only two that were of any import, there had been another when she was young but that idiot didn’t know what he had and he certainly didn’t deserve her.

He found the locker room easily enough. He was about to take their relationship to the next level. He opened the door slowly and was greeted by the sound of the shower. The beautiful blonde was humming gaily to herself as she washed her hair. He chuckled to himself as he disrobed. He tossed his clothes carelessly aside and propped a chair under the door handle, effectively locking any passers by, out. Just in case, it would be really inconvenient for someone to catch him with another woman. The bosses daughter would be none too pleased if she were to find out about his extracurricular activities. He was thrilled that they were finally alone, he had been planning this for a long time.
Hunter padded silently into the shower area and stopped. He leaned against the wall and stared, she was so gorgeous, not to mention completely oblivious to his presence. He enjoyed the view for a moment before gliding up behind her. He snaked one arm around her waist and bent his head toward her ear.

“You ready to play the game?” he growled playfully.

She giggled at the way his gravelly voice tickled her ear. She leaned into his embrace and savored the feeling that washed over her. The hard planes of his chest caressed her body as she melted into him.

“Oh Hunter.” she breathed.
His hand slid across the velvety skin of her abdomen while his other hand slid up to cup one perfect, firm breast. She moaned her approval and that fired him up. He began kissing her neck and relished the goose bumps that popped up.
Amber allowed herself this indulgence with Hunter. She was well aware that he was married and who he was married to, but he made her body sing.
She could feel his arousal pressing into the soft curve of her back, he nipped playfully at her earlobes, the hotness he emanated was maddening. She thought she would go crazy for sure.

“Oh god...what am I doing?” she thought to herself. “Fuck it.”
She turned around to face the man of her dreams. She made sure that when she slowly turned, she allowed her nipples to rub along the entire length of his arm, she felt him shiver and she was pleased. She pressed her breasts against his chest and began kissing his shoulders; she nipped at him here and there. The taste of his skin was wonderful...mmm yummy.
Hunter’s recently vacated hands began roaming, he grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed. He slowly backed her against the shower wall and lifted her gently. She settled herself around his waist while not missing a kiss; she felt pressure and a glorious fullness as he entered her. She let a moan escape her lips as he began a slow rhythm. The smooth ceramic tiles felt magnificent as her soapy body slid up and down against the wall. As the evening progressed, their lovemaking lost some of it’s gentleness and became more desperate. The pace picked up and they both started making noise. Their lovemaking turned into fucking, it became hard and fast and ecstatic. Hunter was one of the most magnificent men she had ever met, and the fact the she had come twice already and he had yet to release once was even more of a reason to love him. Everything about him turned her on, especially the way he grunted as he came.

“Oh baby.” he whispered in her ear. His body sagged against her as he rode out the last waves of his orgasm. Amber inhaled and let his scent overwhelm her, she loved the way he smelled.
They began kissing again as they washed each other. When their shower was finished they gathered their things and went back to the hotel. Before they even made it to the parking lot they had to part ways, if people saw them together they would know, Amber and Hunter where not the best at hiding their feelings. Especially now that they had consummated their forbidden relationship.

Hunter went to his rental car and drove away, leaving Amber there alone to contemplate what had just transpired. She knew that it was wrong, oh so very wrong. She was a hypocrite, she had been cheated on and she knew what it felt like to find out that the man you loved was straying. How could she do this to Steph? It was beyond reason, she was drawn to Hunter, undeniably drawn.
The two of them had been slowly coming to this point for months, all the flirting and furtive glances, lots of touching and stealing kisses here and there. It had all been naughty and it had been foreplay. She was in love with a married man, fuck. What was she gonna do?

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